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My aunt got a kidney!
One down, two to go!
You see, Charleeeeeeeeeeeeeeene, Mom and Marvo! Marvo! (my uncle) all have a kidney failure due to a genetic disorder called focal sclerotic glomerilous nephritis. This disorder had caused the three of them to experience kidney failure within two months of each other five years ago. For the last few years their lives have been dictated by a dialysis machine which is both curse and savior.

Dialysis is no joke. Cramps, blood, sticking yourself for treatments. Mood swings, pain. What strong people to go through this.

So far so, so good. Charleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeene had some complications and had to be hospitalized but she seems to be doing better physically and mentally. Mom is on the list and Marvo! Marvo! has an appointment to do the screening needed to get on the list.

I am not always a praying woman but I have had a conversation or two with a higher source asking that my aunt be watched over. I’m asking you all too to keep her in your thoughts as she recovers.
Here’s to using the potty!


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