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Hi all!
Welcome back to another week of crafting with The Blogger Connection Crafters!
This week I am pleased to announce a new feature for the blog…As seen on Pinterest! The crafts that I share will be inspired by some of my favorite Pinterest pins.
Let’s get to it.

So, last week I boldly declared that I was going to have a DIY weekend. For the most part I was only able to get things started but I did mange to create a calendar inspired by this pin:

Nice, right?!

Help whether I like it or not

I created my own which took less than a half hour.

To create my board I assembled these supplies which I happened to have around the house.
Bulletin board
Measuring tape

Post it notes in different colors

Scissors (optional)

Stick Pins (or in my case straight pins)

Nails/Hammer (optional if you want to hang the board up)

Cleared a space that I wanted to use and went for it.

First I measured the width and length of the board twice. I was feeling a bit insecure about my measurements and wanted to insure that I had four weeks to work with.

Measure twice, cut once

Next I used my ruler to measure each space. Again, I measured twice. I figured the lines should be as straight as possible but if you are more of a freestyler then go for it!

Then I added my notes.
My post it notes were a little bigger than the space provided so I cut them to for the squares. Since my goal is not to spend any money that I didn’t have, I used the scissors to cut the notes up.
I keep a pencil and a spare note pad handy in case I have an idea that I want to add.

I did not have thumb tacks handy but substituted with stickpins used in sewing.

So far I love the idea of the calendar but have to find a better method. I love the bright note paper that was used in the sample BUT will make do with what I have as well as smaller brightly colored flags if I want to highlight something.

And there you have it!
Another Thrilling Thursday.
Are you a crafter or do you want to be inspired?
Check out the other bloggers taking part of The Blogger Connection Crafty link up!
Happy Crafting!


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