K is for Knitting and Kitties #AtoZChallenge

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Yes, I am all over the place with my alphabet challenge. I suppose I should try to be on time and orderly but sometimes the muse works how she works…willy nilly. So, think of my posts as a blog version of the book AlphaOops!: The Day Z Went First. (This is an affiliate link. If you click-through and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission.)



I leveled up this weekend when I learned how to do the provisional cast on. My friend Peggy walked me through it and it was amazingly easy!




I can finally make this cowl I have been avoiding for about a year or so because I just couldn’t get the directions.

Next up will be Kitchener’s Stitch for a bind off and socks!

I am still obsessing over the knits from Outlander. I finally made a Claire’s Cowl that I love (see it on Instagram) so I am on the hunt for my next knit inspired by the show. Here are some screen shots of things I’d like to make:


The neckwarmer this kid is rockin’. It looks like a seed/moss stitch triangle scarf. (That is what I am telling myself.)



Claire’s wrap. Which looks like a garter stitch prayer shawl.



These healer mitts.



And, because I am a giver, gratuitous Jamie.

Jamie and Claire

Here is a gratuitous of Jamie because Jamie




I’ve always said cats, like children and free offers, should be one per household and now I have broken my rule so there are TWO cats in my house.

A few months ago my sister called me on the phone and excitedly whispered that she was getting a kitten. I’m a hair pin away from being a crazy cat lady so I rushed over to meet this new addition. When I got there, I was then informed that I was to be a part of this wacky plan which was full of lies and duplicity. You see, Buffy had told her husband and my niece, Pop, that the kitten was for me. She told then that I really, really wanted a new kitten, a playmate for Lil, and that they should meet at her house for the exchange.

When I questioned her about this She told me that there would be no problem. Once my BIL saw the cat, he would fall in love with her and they would live happily ever after.


When Pop arrived with Lolly, BIL was already like, “No. Go back.” Pop was all, I can’t!” My sister was like, “NO!” Some words were exchanged, there were some tears and I was all, “I’ll let her stay at my house until you figure it out.”

Lolly is a sweetie but a pain. There was the jumping on everything phase. We had to get a water bottle and spray her so now she jumps on things when humans are not around but we know. Then there is kneading which she always wants to do in my armpit or on whatever I am working on.



She eats like each meal is her last. I got her kitten chow and would feed Lil adult food. Lolly would just eat out whatever bowl she was closer to and then eat some more.

And there was Liliana who was not having any other cat in the house. The first few weeks I kept them separated because Liliana would attack Lolly whenever she saw her. Now they co-exist, even allowing each other to be on the couch with me at the same time, so long as it is LIL is on my lap and not Lolly.



I may have bent on my two kitties rule but I still stand firm on my one kid rule. Now I have a sweet kitty to snuggle. IMG_3003.JPG


Join me each day (ish) for the A to Z Blogging Challenge! Each day I will share a post inspired a letter of the alphabet.




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