It’s Too Hot…

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This week I have been obsessing over my weight. It’s been dominating every thought, action, idea. I don’t like it. I hate it yet I hind myself thinking that my arms are too jiggly, my belly too wide and ugly, my everything too everything.

Instead of realizing that I am not my weight I have been letting that dominate my thoughts. Long pants, baggy tees, covering my flaws. But as I look at the amazing women at the conference I’m attending I realize that weight is not holding me back. People don’t NOT like me because I didn’t go to the gym, people don’t like me because of my dress size. I am amazing and smart and funny and dammit, I’m good enough.
So it’s too hot for tees, for jeans and to keep myself hidden, back and down.
It’s too hot for that nonsense and while I rock a sleeveless shirt and greet new friends I am realizing that my head, not my size is keeping me back and while it’s tough to get out of that space I’m busting out and loving me.

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