It’s a new year!

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Since January is halfway-ish over am I still allowed to do a new year check in?

Whatevs…I’m going for it!

Now then, in my Grover voice, “Helllllooooooo Ev’ryboooodeeee!” and in my Sam Sanders voice, “It’s been a minute.”

Cause yo…it *has* been a minute. The usual things – life, work, just being – has been taking most of my attention and I’m feeling that it’s about time to make writing in this space a priority again.

Since it’s 2020 I feel compelled to say something clever and witty about clarity and vision. In reality I’m not so clever. I will, however clumsily, take some time to reflect and envision what I want my goals and year to look like, try to suss out this little thing called life.

This new year sees me with some wins: working out regularly, making time to get out and be social, reading and crafting again. Some treading water: health wise I’m still the same but middle age is kicking my butt. The newish role I’m in is still a bit of a struggle and responsibilities as a person who is working through that sandwich generation…whew child.

Some friends choose a word to guide their year. I decided to go the word route. I’m not going to share it because it’s mine but will share that this year I’d like to continue with my running, eat well and be happy, live, laugh and love with family and friends and do all of those things that I’ve been “meaning to” but never quite getting to.

Hello again and thanks for reading.



I am mom, daughter, sister, yarn lover, word lover, crazy cat lady and library chick. Find me with book or with hook and a hot cuppa.

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