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Or free advertising for Steve Jobs.

The announcement of iPhone’s lower price coincided with my birthday last Rachtober when I was also eligible for an upgrade to my mobile* phone. For weeks I salivated over the iPhone through ads, commercials and one dude who would frequently drop by the library with his. I wanted one badly! After an hour hemming and hawing in the AT&T store with a fellow named Steve, I made the leap. I left the store with an 8 gig 3G (as I was impatient and didn’t want to wait.**). And while I don’t love things more than people I must say that boy oh boy do I loves me some technology!
I can listen to my music, check Facebook, send an email or play a game. Schedule everything I need to do, update my blog, log in my diet and it’s so sweet.
In addition to a phone, this dohickey is a little machine with a plethora of add-ons. Like the Palm Pilot that I had many moons ago there are many ways to extend the phone. But unlike the PP I can just add apps instead if fumbling with little discs.
So far the best apps that I have found:
Bejeweled at $2.99 it owes me nada!

Facebook because you all need to know every bit of my sad sad life.

Couch to 5k ($1.99) because as evidenced by my piss poor performance in November I need all of the help I can get!

My Fitness Phone (free) enter in height and weight plus a goal and there you have it. I have been able to track my weight and diet (I shall not speak more about it as to not jinx myself…)

Tune wiki (free) I’ve my very own handheld karaoke machine. Now I will never get a side look from my tween when I dare sing the wrong lyrics.

Need to look up a word? The free dictionary app will give the correct spelling as well as the meaning. There is a thesaurus and a word of the day.

Somedays I need to know what song I need to hear to get my butt in gear. With Music Motto for iPhone I can tap a button and my motto for the day is known.

Cooking apps. Since my skills battle that of Monsieur Boyaedee*** I need all of the help that I can get. Plus it’s right there when I go to the market, ingredients and all. I like All Recipes, Betty Crocker and McCormick.

There’s been a big push to learn sign language in the county and thanks to the app store I can tap my phone to find out the sign for friend, blue or how. Prices range from $1.99 to 9.99.

When The Bee first heard Bougois Shangra-La she grabbed my phone and used Shazam to get the name. This app (mine is free although there is a paid version) will listen to a bit of a song an tell you the name.

While I think Red Heart Supersaver is a bit too rough, with a few taps I can find my next UFO. Lion Brand (free) has a cool app for patterns. I’m waiting for Ravelry to create an app.

OH Pro ($1.99) if you like reading Overheard in New York? Then this app is good for the goofy things that people say on the go. I will bitch that it doesn’t load quickly and that it is a bit of a pain but once it loads it’s fun to eavesdrop on snippets of conversations between hipsters, blondes and students.

Lego pics. (free)
Hold on to your men ladies! Rachée is around and she looks like a Lego!

The Bee likes Line Up Lite (lite cause it’s free and has no bells and whistles). It’s like Tetris with all straight lines.
She also likes Lemonade stand, Scramble and lucky coins.

My nitpicky observations will include the lack of a back light for the camera, the crummy tinny sound of the speaker, and the inability to block calls. And this thing EATS power. I swear I travel with my charger; otherwise I am out of a phone for the day. Otherwise I still love my phone. I wonder if there is an app for THAT?

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*Like the swanky mobile instead of cell phone?
**Sibling rivalry never dies. Buffy was getting one but I wanted mine first. Yes. I’m petty.
***Borrowed from Rataoulle.


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