How to Work it When Time is a Factor

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Today I got the e-mail reminding me that my side gig would begin next week. While I knew the academic school year was starting up soon (my class begins next week too!) I was totally caught off guard by the timing. My Tuesday and Sunday evenings will now belong to the sisters of the holy child* and panic set in. I’ve been taking my workouts one day at a time and it’s been sorta working. Some days are better than others but the most important thing is that I was doing it.

Before I could freak out I saw some pins on Pinterest that reminded me that I could still workout even if time wasn’t on my side.

When I plan, I am able to get up early enough to complete my workouts. These tips are all about planning and having things ready for me to get up and get moving in the hours of way too early, I should still be in bed.

I’ve been looking for more music to motivate me. Women’s Health has a whole slew of playlists to get me motivated for any run.

I loves me some TV watching but find that I am often watching while doing something else.
Here is a quick way to indulge in my Top Model obsession (it starts tonight!) without feeling like I am creating the world’s best ass groove.

Here is another workout. I’ve seen Shaun T’s infomercials and everyone always looks happy and fit. This workout claims to only take a few minutes.

Source: via Rachée on Pinterest


Because really if I have 24 hours to use each day, I can totally take one to workout.

How will you work it?


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