Hidden Talents

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or, I am really loving David Lubar.

When I met David Lubar last year I wasn’t aware of his books. My sister had gotten an advanced copy of Sleeping Freshman Never Lie that Pop read and must have liked because she borrowed the audio as well. At the time I was too wrapped up in Daisy Meadows and Rainbow Magic to give it a go. David Lubar was appearing at one of the local libraries but it was late and I didn’t think I would be able to get the under 13 gang there and back home in a timely fashion.
Can you color me purple with regret? After meeting him and reading his books all I can say is more, More, MORE!! He was great with us adults and would have been phenomenal with the younger set.
Anyhoodle, what a wordsmith! The way he uses language encourages me to get out of my comfort zone and explore other ways to use words, to discover new ideas and to make them a part of my world.
I have just inhaled Hidden Talents and am waiting for more. Hidden Talents is the story of bad boys sent to an alternative school. Once there, a small group discovers that they have hidden talents in the form of psychic ability. What kid (and some adults, me included!) wouldn’t want to read about this?

He was genius in Punished (a rude kid is taught a lesson when he is forced to speak in puns), Dunk brings back wonderful memories of the shore and Sleeping Freshman…what can I say! High school almost seemed bearable (barely). These books are decidedly for young adults and juveniles, but this is what makes them so much fun! The situations are outrageous but there is hope and possibility.

Run, don’t walk, to your nearest library or bookseller and experience David Lubar. He is not to be missed!

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