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Goodbye, January

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In which I have an “a-ha” moment. 

January is always a month of suck. It’s cold. It’s dark, the weather is weird. Also, instead of a mere 31 days in length, it feels like it’s 31 weeks in length. Dread sets in for me as this new month, new year begins. However, today, over on the book of faces, a friend presented me with an alternative view. January, was described by G as a month with “minimal demands” and as a month which encourages one to “indulge in comfort foods, comfort clothes, and comfort activities.”


I have been doing January all wrong!

With my zest for resolutions (I still love ’em!) and love of a new beginning, I was putting too much pressure on January and myself. This year I had every intention of challenging myself to a thing (decluttering and working out to name two) but January had other plans. I found myself leaning into the idea that a marathon of South Side on HBO/Max (highly recommend this show) was where I needed to be instead of (literally) running all over the place. There were so many evenings that I would rush home from work because I had a feeling that I was supposed to be doing a thing, only to find myself confused by the long empty evening ahead of me the channels. Relaxing the strict goals that I set for myself caused some big feelings but in the end, I have been feeling pretty good about life. 

G went on to say that her conversion to loving winter, especially January came about during her single years. It’s dark by 6pm which gives her the perfect excuse for curling up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate and a book, going to bed early or, when she would venture out, some cozy place that was cozy without trying too hard.

Yo! I can do cozy like nobody’s business. 

As I wave farewell to January and welcome February, I must remember the lessons that G shared with me. Cozy and relaxed. Chill and ease. Flexibility.

Goodbye, January and hello, Flexi February. 



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