February Goals

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In which I regroup and start doing the thing again. 

January is normally a huge month of suck; dark and cold, days feeling like they go on and on, but this January seemed light and airy. I mean, it was still cold, but the days flew by. A new job, a small role in a community theater play and not having the pressure of the old job (iykyk) was a lovely way to start the year. The cold, though…it was so stinking cold and this year the weather felt like it was way more of a deterrent than I would have guessed for me doing anything that required me to get up early and be outside (hey…maybe January *was* full of suck). Anywho, my goal for the month was to just run and I managed to get in 30.9 miles last month.

It’s a new month and time for new goals.

Running. I signed up for two February Movement Challenges, the 2022 Girls on the Run Coast to Coast Challenge and the BGR/Saucony Share the Run Challenge. I may have overreached with my goal of 60 miles, but I am getting the hang of the new job and having a treadmill (Sole!) at home has allowed me to get my runs in. 

I’ll get back out with the groups eventually. I miss the camaraderie and the chit chat and the push running with a group gave me.

Flexy February. Last month I did 30ish days of abs. It was a good challenge, gave me some core strength and I proved to myself that other ways to get fit was possible. The Flexy February challenge was introduced by a yoga page I follow and I like the idea of getting flexible enough to actually do a split. 

Going to the gym. This is really a twofer. I think it’s time I broke it off with Planet Fitness. I am not using it regularly enough and when I do visit the gym it’s only to use the treadmill which I don’t need because I have a treadmill at home. Also, a few months ago I won a membership to a new luxury gym, and I am going to take full advantage.

Other goals. Drink more water. I am usually a water guzzling fool but lately I have been shirking my water intake. I was accepted as an ambassador for Nuun Hydration and there are a variety of flavors available for my taste buds.

Go to bed earlier. With not having work stress (one day I’ll have the temperament and the crayons to write about that job), I *should* be sleeping like a baby. Instead, I find myself on edge thinking that the other shoe is going to drop and all of the things that I was worried about is going to happen. I am going to return to the bedtime routine I was doing last year. Meditation, winding down, the whole thing. 

Races on the horizon

3/27 Love Run (7.6K)

4/2 Hot Chocolate (15K)

4/26 Delaware Running Festival (13.1 miles)

Virtual: Donor Dash (10K)

Keep moving and grooving people. After winter, always comes spring.


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