Family Connections with #FiosPhilly

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r’s note: This post is sponsored by Verizon Fios as part of the #FIOSPhilly Campaign. All opinions found here are strictly my own.

Shortly after we moved into our home I told The Librarian that we should have “people” over for the holidays. Thanksgiving would be the first major holiday in which families would travel to spend time with each other and this would be a natural way to get folks together. Our families would finally meet, we could share our home and that kitchen is begging for yumminess to come out of it! There was an ulterior motive; after the initial excitement of moving and unpacking, daily life got in the way and our all of the momentum that we had when we first arrived fizzled out. After we had unpacked the basics there were lots of leftover items hidden in boxes that became less important to place as the day to day of work/school/life took precedent. Soon we had a junk ROOM full of clutter.

The Librarian and I created a plan of attack. After work we would spend some evenings devoted to the boxes and items which had been ignored and we would get to sorting and unpacking boxes, finally organizing our space in a way that would make sense to daily life, ensuring that we had a clean space for our guests.
Family Connections with #FiosPhillyE

We had good intentions; after work we would pick an area and get started with the duties. Streaming music to make the job seem more fun, we would organize and clean. sorting out those items that were forgotten during the move. But you know what they say about good intentions and soon we would find that a relaxing set of tunes after a long day would be enjoyed more from the sofa with a glass of wine and that junk room remained a mess!

After some halfhearted attempts at cleaning, The Librarian and I decided that we would focus more on the people arriving and, so long as the dust and clutter were no harm to anyone, we would welcome people to our home as it were. Using the reminder feature on our home phone, we were able to share messages for items that needed to be completed on our to-do list. The quick streaming internet meant that cooking was accompanied by streaming music or the podcasts that I listen to. The junk rooms were made a little more welcoming with tablets available for catching up with videos on demand using the Fios app. Our house is connected and cozy for all who visits and all are welcome!

Thanksgiving Day arrived and it was a typical Fagg Family joint, complete with loud relatives, lots of laughs, food and a football game. We lit a fire and a good time was had by all. The initial worry about having people over has dissipated and we are already planning the next night in. night out!

Having uninterrupted service was key to getting things done in a relatively timely manner. Really! Having my favorite sounds as background while cooking and cleaning got the job done and made the craziness of the holidays a bit easier for all.



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  1. Mary Beth says:

    Wonderful post, Rachee, and I love your fireplace!

  2. jeff says:

    After much concern and consternation, we actually pulled it off! Everyone who visited felt welcomed, comfortable, and cared for.

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