Does round count as a shape?

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Tis the season to be jolly…

…and by jolly I mean:

More than a woman

When looking at myself in the mirror, I seem OK but the fit of my clothes say otherwise! I am not making self-deprecating remarks but an observation. My normal uniform of jeans and tees have been getting replaced by a more business casual fare. A few factors are in place: my new(ish) director wears adorable sweater sets and funky boots. My college gig requires that I distinguish myself from the student workers by wearing anything but jeans. And quite honestly when I have a meeting its rather nice to look as if I am a participant and not RBC (random black chick).

Well, as I have been trying to piece together an outfit that is not denim inspired I have noticed that there is a lot more of Rachée to love.

Lots more.


Ai yi yi!
What to do!
Well, I KNOW *what* to do but it’s just doing ‘it’ that I can’t quite reconcile.

I was trying to be altruistic and say that I wanted to be strong and healthy so that was why I exercised. The weight loss was a bonus.

I am not happy with the way I look and need to do something about it but what?


No time to exercise

My workouts are stalled in a major way. The schizo weather in Delco is no surprise but I do get really bummed when I am all set for a wog and it’s raining cats, dogs and elephants. Or cold. Or both.

No motivation

Yes, I could workout inside but I don’t, have only done it three times this month and have no lasting motivation to change my behavior. Does realizing that you are contemplating calling in fat to work count as motivation?

I’m tired
The vicious cycle of being tired cause I’m out of shape is gearing to go. When I was hitting the track regularly, I was a like a robot: here, there and everywhere. Now, the best I can do is fly off the handle.

Too many delicious holday foods.
I swear my employers are trying to make me fat. Tootsie pops at the desk, chocolates from patrons, lunch. They force me to eat the food by merely leaving it there for me to get.
For real!

I was kicking myself earlier when I tried to sqeeze into a shirt I got, that fit a few weeks ago. It was va-va-va-voom but appropiately so. Now I look a little more wah-wah-wah-nooooo. The I’m a cow movie played through my head as I got dressed, drove to work and as I tried to appear confident in the outfit I wore.
But then: Lo and behold, what’s been processed? The latest ‘O’ in which Oprah has come clean about her weight gain.
Oprah has more money, staff and support and she still can’t get it together. If Oprah keeps falling off the wagon (and into the chips) then I, a mere mortal, should ease up on myself.
Tomorrow is another day and Tamilee Webb can stretch me out.


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