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Desperate Housewives

Although my sister has already done a re-cap that covered a lot of what I wanted to share, there were a few observations that I felt compelled to add.

Good lord is that Steven Weber? He looks ancient! Why is Susan acting all nutty about Julie dating an older guy? Isn’t Jackson younger than Susan? And why does Susan go nuts about Weber’s being married three times? She’s been married twice? (Was rice thrown?)

Why does Gabby dress like she got dressed in a dark with gloves on? I know she gained weight (10 pounds!) and has kids but damn! I have a kid, while I shop way, way, way off the rack I still manage not to look like such a frump. According to my cousin I dress like a biker dude but my clothes fit, sorta. As Tyra said, Just cause its designer don’t mean its right.

A rare Bob and Lee sighting! I love Lee (was he the one was on Judging Amy?) Asking Bree all those questions. They would be so much fun at a party or at a meeting or conference.

Talk about Mommy Guilt! Linette’s kids, Matt Damon’s secret love children, are off the hook! Porter? Parker? Peon? Whichever one got Donna Abandando pregnant had the audacity to blame Linette for everything that went wrong. What the Holey hockey mom!?! Unless Donna Abandando was a victim of the sub-prime mortgage crises why is she asking a 16 year old to help her out?

What is up with Lt Hawk’s beige hair? As Edie’s husband, Dave, he is merely creepy, toeing the line into nutter territory. Last night he killed a dude and skyrocketed to whack job. That still doesn’t explain the strange hair color.

Why did his psychiatrist visit Dave all by himself? If Dave was ballsy enough to not report in, move to a strange new place and start a new life why did the shrink think he (Dave) would not nut out.

Why has Mark Cherry wasted Lily Tomlim? Katherine could be accused of loitering. Dana Delany was wicked last year and this year she has merely faded.

Best line of the night:
Edie (to psychiatrist after he asks if she’s inviting him out) I’m way outta you league but whatever will get you to come.


A new show in two weeks. Linette still enabling her kid, Carlos may be able to see and will probably go blind again after seeing Gabrielle’s ugly clothes [shudder]. Susan will do something that makes me question why DHS has not taken her kids and Katherine will do her best Hazel with Bree.

I’ll still be waiting to see what happens.


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  1. mrsrkfj says:

    You forgot about that gun. Why do people think a piece of metal make them hard?

  2. ~Rachée says:

    Oh yes, Damon 1 (or 2) decided that he was a REAL Man and bought a hand gun. He will probably leave the bullets home and blame Linette!

  3. mrsrkfj says:

    You forgot about that gun. Why do people think a piece of metal make them hard?

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