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In my roll as library chick I never know what to expect. Some days are smooth and I can’t believe how time flies. Some days are just unremarkable and just are normal days. Then there are days in which the clock slowly ticks towards quitting time and I cannot get home fast enough.

I cannot really pinpoint the moment when my job became work but the dragging feeling has been making itself more the norm and I don’t like it. Working with the public is a bit stressful. There are different needs and personalities and honestly there are days when I have trouble not taking things personally. It’s times like this in which I have remind myself that it is NOT about me and that  s so stressful. There are many people who require many things and they all want them now, like RIGHT! NOW! I know it’s not all about me but some days it is so difficult not to get into my own head and see the world as everyone versus Rachee.

It had gotten so bad that even my teen started echoing the grumpiness which became the norm. As I heard her grousing about something I realized that I the cycle of complaining needed to stop and now when I am feeling overwhelmed I take time to remind myself that my job is not a chore but an opportunity to work with people and provide a service that they may need that I am lucky enough to poses.

This month the powers that be from Netflix are focusing on kindness and are introducing us to the original Netflix series Derek starring Ricky Gervais. Derek’s mantra of acceptance, no matter age or ability, inspired me to check out other titles which serve as a great reminder for me and my teen to see the good in everyone. Because in the end, teaching the values of kindness and acceptance are just as important as any academic learnings.






12 Netflix Titles to Promote Kindness and Acceptance

For your big kids:

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Want even more titles about kindness and acceptance? Our friends at Common Sense Media have shared a list of TV and movie titles that teach empathy – check out the list here.


And your little ones:

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Now that I am getting my mojo back, I have found that THERE are great moments at work. Such as sweet notes of thanks, smiles and sweet unsolicited kisses from some of my favorite library kids.






Tell me…how are you being kind?

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  1. Vaneese says:

    OMG! My Little Pony is a STAPLE in our house. When I asked my daughter to explain why she was so “obsessed” with it, the first thing she mentioned was friendship and being nice and how being mean wasn’t nice. She went on and on and on about this show. Happy to see it made your list!

  2. I positively LOVE Rudy! Its one of my favorite films of all time! Thank you for reminding me to do stream it on Netflix!! I try to be good to others and go the extra mile. I work with older people and it teaches me a lot of patience and gives me a lot of peace!

  3. Rudy is a 2 box of Kleenex kind of movie. I loved it before I become a Mother and if I watched it now I’d probably be a puddle. I love inspiring movies!

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