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I realize that I am behind (no pun intended!) but I will blame this on me misplacing the list of things that I wanted to write about on each blog. Lame, yes but it’s the truth.

Way back before The Bee and when I would go to the gym like it was my job, I was introduced to deadlift by one of the guys that would frequent the gym. He would be doing his reps of whatever while I was doing my reps of whatever and would always help me out with tips to get he most out of my time. My favorite: Do deadlifts. They will make your butt go POW!”

So here is a link to how to do deadlifts so you too can have a butt that goes, POW!

Source: fitsugar.com via Morgan on Pinterest


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  1. Tammy says:

    I like the way you write.
    You make me laugh.
    Never thought about having a butt that goes POW!

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