Cooking in Quarantine

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or food in the time of Corona.

Pre-quarantine my relationship with food was so carefree…lunch at that spot near work, meeting up with The Librarian and The Bee for dinner because we wanted to “treat ourselves” or checking out a restaurant that flashed through my social media feeds because it looked interesting. Ooh! and the the leisurely visits to the market, daily sometimes because I could! Casually strolling through the aisles to grab an ingredient that I saw on some recipe that I wanted to try. Being sucked into the samples of food at Whole Food, Trader Joe’s and ShopRite. Imagining the possibilities of the meal that I could create. 

Now my visits to the supermarket are a mash up of an episode of Supermarket Sweeps and the movie Jingle all the Way: me rushing through the market grabbing whatever I can find in a limited amount of time because supplies are limited and there is to be no dawdling in public spaces.

With self-quarantine and social distancing continuing, I find myself not as creatively planning meals but thinking of HOW to stretch the supplies we have on hand into food that will not be wasted, while delicious to eat and not boring there really is a point in which eggs are not where it is. 

My food fears have leaked into my dreams…my dreams are a collection of scenes in which I either enter a deserted market, only to be chased by apocalyptic figures who want what I have in my cart by any means necessary or dreams in which I have a cart of food but cannot find the checkout as the store becomes a maze of rooms, aisles and doors. 

I was trying to hide my fears with my family because it’s enough going on without me adding to the mix. Each meal, while still prepared with a smile, was eaten with a diminished appetite because sudden thoughts of making sure there was enough would clod my thoughts. This was countered by the the ravenous raids of the fridge and cabinet in which I feel like I cannot fill some hole that could only be filled by one ore bite.

Sharing my food fears with family has relieved some of the stress. It helped to talk about what I was feeling and why I was feeling the way I did. Starting my garden has also helped. The veggies that I grow will be enough to sustain later on (my hope) and it helps give me a sense of control. Stepping away from the news to lose myself in a few cookbooks has also been helpful. Reading through recipes, drooling over the photos and planning the ultimate after quarantine bash has been quite therapeutic. 

One result from this is that we are not wasting as much food as we used to. We are eating the leftovers and repurposing ingredients. I still have my fears but having a plan makes me relax a tad bit and then I can relish the time with my family. As well as look up recipes for relish or soup. It’s a Sunday as I type this and time for a batch of soup. Leftover veggies from the week, a few odds and ends and dinner for my family is served. 

Have a delicious and wonderful week. 


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