.@BrainSpunkthr Presents Wiccans in the Hood and Trading Races

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BrainSpunk Theater presents two fantastic one-act plays by Michelle T. Johnson, author of the acclaimed book Working While Black and several plays. Starting with Wiccans in the ‘Hood, three white friends and a cohort decide to perform a centuries-old ritual of offerings to an African spirit while in a cemetery located in an urban, predominately African-American neighborhood when they are encountered by a woman from the neighborhood who mistakes them for Wiccans. With comedy and emotional confrontation, Wiccans in the ‘Hood confronts the testy areas of religion, race, and convention. For the second one-act, Trading Races: From Rodney King to Paula Deen takes a bold look at how we relate to each other in the realm of racial identity. Meet Eve, an abstraction of all African-American people, and Billy, an abstraction of all White people. Funny, thought-provoking, with an in-your-face attitude.




If you go:

Wiccans in the Hood/Trading Races is playing at the Walnut Street Theatre – Studio 5 located 825 Walnut Street 5th floor Philadelphia PA 19107.

It runs Thursday through Sundays and ends its run Saturday, June 29th.
Tickets are available from $10.

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