Book Review: This Love is Forever

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When The Dad and I split, I combed through the library looking for books to help me explain our new family arrangement to our daughter. While I found plenty of books and resources, I had a hope that there would be a book that she would better relate to. We found plenty of books about how to talk to her, books about different families and books that helped all of us work towards adjusting. I really wish that there was a book like This Love is Forever by Mavis Prall Cohen and Lizzie Prall available then. There were times that I felt like I was giving The Bee too much information about the end of my marriage and times I felt ill prepared to address her questions.


The text of the book will be familiar to many parents who are divorcing. Mavis does a terrific job explaining to Lizzie that the divorce has nothing to do with the way her parents feel about her, which was a recurring theme in my family. Written in rhyme, this book will reassure any child that their parents are still there and available for them.

I love that this book encourages conversation by way of blank pages for art by your child. As difficult as it was for me to explain to my then four-year that Dad and I were living in two places, it was even harder for her to express what she was feeling about having to live in two places. This book will allow children an outlet to express their feelings and help them talk about their own feelings.


My one nitpick …the font. I do not like sounding like I am looking for faults but I would really like to see the font a tad larger. The younger audience in which this book is geared towards may be put off by the font. The Bee has flipped through the book a few times and remarked that she “knew how Lizzie feels.” I have had a few patrons take a look at the book as well.


I encourage you to check out and read other stories of divorce.  Learn more about the authors and children may also upload  and share their art work. If you are going through a divorce (or ending a long-term relationship) check out this book using my affiliate link to get some words to share with your children and perhaps to find a comforting word for yourself.



r’s: I was sent a book for review and compensated for my time. All opinions and thoughts are my own.


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