Book Review: Bee-Wigged

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In Cece Bell’s Bee-Wigged, Jerry Bee just wants to make a friend. However, this is no easy feat when you are the largest bee that anyone has ever seen. Once Jerry finds a wig and is mistaken for a boy, his life changes. When his true identity is revealed, will his life remain the same or will he “bee” all alone?

Bee-Wigged was a fun book to read. On the surface, we have Jerry Bee who just wants to be accepted. We also have a story about how looks can be deceiving. The book is great to read aloud, is funny and has colorful illustrations which extend the story.

Bee-Wigged by Cece Bell

Readers will enjoy Jerry accepting himself for who he is, others embracing him being a different and a fun surprise when his “wig” becomes is revealed to have it’s own secret.

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    Sounds so cute! Can’t wait to check it out for my boys!

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