Big, Blondish and Beautiful!*

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Many moons ago I tried coloring my hair and the results were…hat worthy. I had fallen asleep after I applied the solution and failed to cover my whole head. This event coupled with my vow to never put a chemical in my hair kept me from attempting color again. However lately I have been toying with the idea of some color. I ruled out red; its bad enough my sister has locs. If we both colored our hair red I think everyone would lose their collective minds trying to work out who was who.
Well I threw caution to the wind and purchased two bottles of Dark and Lovely Light Blonde and had at it.
The result?
Blurry but best I could take

Au Naturale me

A combo of looking like my sis, the lovely light brown blondish look similar to the locs that I coveted and a new look for the summer.

What say you friends?

*Not self deprecating. I’ve got a lot of hair!


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