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Picture it: Philadelphia, December 2006. I’m still depressed over my failed marriage and to fill the void take a second job working at a library. Burning the candle by both ends never ends well for me and I wound up falling asleep on the job and the supervisor of the place caught me. A second time falling asleep and I was fired. At the time I was devastated, feeling like an utter and complete failure. The holidays were coming, there was tuition to be paid and I was a loss. Five months later I was offered the best job in the world and all I can say is that things do happen for a reason.

Reading Dominique Browning‘s Slow Love reminds me of that time in my life…but only after I actually read the book. Initially I wrote the book off as another affluent woman whining about how great her life was. After I read the book I realized that emotions and feelings don’t care who you are, how much money one makes and what their station in life is.

Dominique experiences many things that women experience: no good men, depression, eating away her feelings. It’s only when she begins to slow down and learn the fine art of patience that she can begin to find a way to heal and move on. The most painful part of the book is the relationship she has with a man she calls Stroller. He is such a trip and yet I can totally relate. Not loving myself to know I can do better. Not thinking I deserved better. The title Slow Love is something we can all learn: slowly release and learn to love and enjoy ourselves.

While Dominique has an advantage many of us cannot enjoy, taking a year off from work to spend time to slow down and find her way, I think this book is a good read for any woman who questions where she belongs in this world. I was fortunate to find the library gig that I love and enjoy and have given myself permission to find a man that cares for and supports me.

Have you found your slow love?

I read Slow Love as part of the BlogHer Book Club . Please stop over and join the discussion. I was sent a copy of the book and will be compensated but all thoughts are my own and were in no way influenced.


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  1. Kristin says:

    That has me intrigued. I think I might need to read it.

  2. Vanessa Irvin Morris says:

    Love your book review of Slow Love …. is it circulating at your library, Rachee?

  3. Now I’m curious why he’s called “Stroller.”

    Good review — thanks!

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