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Thanks to my sis I found a new blog hop! The Weekend Reading Blog Hop from James & Jax goes like this:

Every Sunday through late Monday night link up your blog post about whatever it is that you’re reading, or your kiddo is reading, or how you’re not reading, or where you like to read, or what are your favorite things to read…. Whatever you want that has anything to do with reading!

James and Jax Weekend Reading blog hop
This weekend I have been tearing through books by Siobhan Vivian. I met her at PaLA and loved, loved, loved her. After ordering copies of all of her books for work, I have spent the last few days reading about teenagers. I am a tad concerned with the amount of underage drinking that goes on in her books but am of two minds. The main characters in her books that are drinking seem pretty remorseful about their actions and as a mom this is a reminder for me to have a conversation with The Bee about drinking and having appropriate fun.
Also, one of the things I really dig about Siobhan’s books are that her characters aren’t all super whiz kid know it alls. They have their somethings and the somethings that they have isn’t so over the top that its unrelatable. I was such a lazy student way back when (heck, even now) and it always made me feel like there was something wrong with me because I was not the smartest and the brightest. High school is a score ago but as I read different Young adult books for, um work, I always think that I should be doing more, that I should have done more. Siobhan’s books make me realize that my good is good and hopefully other teens will get that also and not spend twenty years feeling bad about stuff.
So this weekend I am reading A Little Friendly Advice.
When I finish this I will tuck into Lost Edens by Jamie Patterson which I have been delaying reading as the subject of dependent relationships, abuse and infidelity is so close to home. Jamie sent me a handwritten note so this is really making me want to get started.
What are you all reading?


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  1. Wow, you must have a cool job if it involves books & meeting authors. What do you do, if you don’t my asking?

    I can’t even think about underage drinking yet, with a 2-year-old at home. It makes my heart start racing!

    Thank you for linking up today!!

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