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Often I come across a blog that I just really get a kick out of and thought I would share them with y’all during this challenge. Anywho, here are some of the blogs that I have been digging.

xoxo, Fierce and Luxe
One of the college work study students just revealed to me that she has a fashion blog. I feel some type of way about that; she says how I come to work (busted and looking a hot mess!). Surely she could have said something sooner!

I really like her style; it looks like something that i can pull off and actually look good in. These two spring looks (this post and this post)  from last year are really nice. Black and white (colors I already own and love!) plus they can be worn at work and for a night out with Effin Guy.

Crackerjack Marketing
last year I had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie Scwab during The Digital Family Summit. She was one of the organizers of this family friendly conference. Well, she offers fantastic social media tips and I found this article about Twitter biographies really helpful.

Storytime ABC’s
When I first started my gig as a library chick I was ALWAYS on the lookout for blogs that would tell me how to do what I needed to do for storytime. Over the years I have found several that I go to for inspiration and ideas but my newest favorites are Stoytime ABC’s and so tomorrow (see below).

I really like this post about a colorful storytime. Cause, well it’s colorful.


Seriously, I am always doing some kind of color themed storytime and here is a flannel board (or in my case construction papered) activity. I sense a storytime about nests and birds coming shortly….

The other library blog I am loving is So Tomorrow.
Ann is the owner of this blog and recently became my hero during a webinar for summer reading when she stated that summer reading IS NOT the bulk of her programming and that she runs her program for six weeks only, no matter what.

*wipes tear*

I really like reading her blog because it is so much more than programming (which I still love!) but also offers tips and tricks and thoughts about librarianship.

Last up is Pushing Lovely.
Arelis, Brandi and Janeane do such a fantastic job motivating and pushing bloggers. The site is full of diverse content from diverse women and soon YOURS TRULY will be writing for them!

Check them out, give them some play! You will be inspired, get a good chuckle and feel really enpowered.

I shared. Now it’s your turn!
If you blog leave a link in the comments so that I can visit you.
If you have a favorite to share, leave that too!

have fun reading!


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