A Saturday *NOT* Wasted

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My original plans for Saturday were revamped without my permission. I don’t want to go into details but I will say that I was not a happy camper and feeling all kinds of sorry for myself. Before I would have thrown a pity party with special guests Peanut and Chocolate M&Ms, a pint (or two) of Vanilla Haagan Daaz, a can of whipped cream and some hot fudge followed by a pepperoni pizza chaser. These days I am more conscious of what actions I take and how I should think BEFORE I act. Instead of being bummed out and spending the day moping, I went exploring.

Clark Park on 43rd and Baltimore was having a flea market. It seems that there is a Farmer’s Market there every week but the Uhuru Flea is an event for the benefit of black community-led programs for justice, sustainability and liberation. As I wandered through the vendors I marveled at University City. When my uncle lived in the area, it was a crime ridden and full of folk. He lived in a haunted house that was always under construction. Now the area is thriving with yuppies, hippies, bohemian types and all in between. As I walked I chuckled. Despite being in the progressive UC there were representation from all: the families with toddlers; some of the kids were well behaved but there were a few that made me glad that The Bee is a tween (!). There was the crunchy granola types, all natural herbs and vegan wares. There was the white guy with dreadlocs strumming a guitar. The Black woman yelling at a knitter for using wool in her hats. (I was unwittingly a part of the drama when I was called on to give my opinion about types of yarn that should be used for Black Women.) And of course, dogs.

Why, oh why do folk insist on bringing their dogs to these open air market type places? Really! I counted a total of seven dogs. One enthusiastically barking at anything near him, two drinking from a water bottle (WTH?) and others in various states of activity.
Some dogs are cute but for the most part, blech! Can’t stand ’em! They always want to jump on you, lick you, pant near you or some other disgusting dog behavior.

Anyhoodledoodle, despite the presence of canines (rolling my eyes) I am excited for the next one. There is a park for me to get my wog on, lots and lots of crap, quality crap and Good Fabulous Junk (thanks Bookwoman!) for me to pick though.

Getting my stroll on,


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  1. mrsrkfj says:

    You didn’t tell me there were knitters there!!! When is the next one? I saw a slight empty space in my stash. LOL

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