30 Day Song Challenge: Day 1

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Day 01 – your favorite song

Hmmm…my favorite song depends on the mood I am but I can say that according to iTunes the most played song is Fergalicious by Fergie. By no means is this my favorite; I think between The Bee and me we just play this one a lot. An awful lot.

My new* favorite song that I don’t play all of the time (so says iTunes and its wonky counts!) has to be Bruno Mars “Just the Way You Are.” Ever since this was featured on Glee (sue me) I loved this song, turning the radio up and belting along. I’m sure my neighbors are sick of  hearing it (wah wah wah)** and The Bee is ‘over it’ but I love listening to Bruno tell his girl that he likes her just the way she is***.

(Shhh! I am a sucker for love. Or maybe just a sucker.)

Knowing there’s not a thing I would change,

*New because I change my mind so often.
** My neighbors argue often and loudly so their comfort is not my concern.
** I do feel some type of way about this video. Have you seen this chick? Why does she need such ego stroking!


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