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In Nadia Shireen’s Hey, Presto! a friendship is put to the test when one friend suddenly takes being the star of the show way too seriously!

Monty and Presto are best friends, each with talent. Presto is a brilliant magician and Monty has quite the voice. When they see a sign advertising for circus talents they sign right up. But, Monty lets success go to his head until Presto has had enough! Will the two be able to become friends again?


First, I have to give Nadia Shireen credit for writing a book in which the cat is not the bad guy! Kudos!

Next, what a great book to for children to read and learn about how to stand up for themselves. Presto learns that friendship is not one-sided and that speaking out against something he does not like is a good thing.

General considerations:

This book will be great for one on one reading or with a group. Discussions can be had about friends who may exhibit different behaviors when faced with a new challenge and how to handle these changes.

The illustrations are cute; the animals all wear adorable expressions and children will be able to relate to the feelings portrayed on the character’s faces.

Grab a copy of this book from your local library or click on the link above.

Enjoy sharing this book with the entertainer in your life!


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