Workout Boogie Redux: Christy Lane’s Line Dance USA

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The Bee holding the box.
She asked me NOT to show her.

So. I borrowed Christy Lane’s Line Dancing Today Around the USA from my library. This DVD promises to teach five of the most popular Line Dances that are done around the country. The five dances that Christy instructs one in are The Cupid Shuffle, The Cha Cha Slide, The Cleveland Shuffle, The New Jersey Strut and the Booty Dance.  Christy goes through each move for each dance step by step with or without music. There is also an option that will teach you how to to the dances with Style (the extra that experienced line dancers always seem to do instead of the regular moves).

As a self proclaimed member of the Rhythmless Nation, I found myself grateful for Christy’s breakdown for each step. The basic moves and the moves with ‘style’ are explained with an option to try it with or without music accompaniment. Line dancing is a bit repetitive so I liked the option of mixing up the regular moves with ‘style’. This was a high intensity workout but did get me up and moving as I did something that was different and a bit of fun.

There are two discs with the second copies of The Cupid Shuffle and the Cha Cha Slide to be downloaded along with moves to the dances.

Since line dancing is a tad repetitive I don’t think I would buy this DVD but could see borrowing from my library again. This was a good DVD to get me up and moving but not enough of a high impact to make me break a sweat. The only sweat I broke was from The Bee’s looks of horror as I did the steps.Word to the wise: never try out a workout on a snow day while your tween is watching. The chorus of Oh my Gosh and the accompanying facial expressions left me feeling giggly, a tad self conscious and quite ready to throw in the towel.

I’d give this two barbells from my totally scientific scale (see sidebar).
I don’t need this in my collection but borrowing from the library gave me a kick.

Cha, Cha sliding away,


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