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So, um I seem to not be able to read and skipped over a whole bunch of days.
Anywho, here is me trying to catch up on the blog camps that I have missed.

From 31 Days of Blog Juice at Creating Motherhood

Day 11 – How are you different from your parents? How are you the same? Do your parents and/or family know that you write on-line?

The other day I caught myself telling a kid running through the library, “It’s only funny until someone gets hurt!” And immediately after I thought, Wow! I sound like my mom! There are so many things that I think I am doing differently but then I’ll think, Golly! That is so something that mom would do!
Ways we are alike:
Insane obsession love of pop culture.
Can’t stand nastiness with food. Please, for the love of anything edible do not HAND ME anything without a napkin.
Bit of a germophobe.

Ways we are different:
Yes, I am a sloppy, slob. I admit it. My mom is a neat freak. We used to go at it when I lived with her because of my slovenly ways.
She can’t stand cats. I love my Lily but she cringes and run whenever Lily is around. (Well I can’t stand dogs so a dislike of pets is a similar thing)

My mom knows I blog and she used to read it but I’m not so sure anymore. The Bee loves my blogging; she thinks its cool and has it bookmarked for her to read later.

Day 12 – Tell us about the first time you got drunk or tipsy (as far as you can remember…) Do you ever stop yourself from telling too much when you write on-line or do you think you tell too much?

Uh…redacted. I don’t need to share everything!

Have a good one!


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  1. Liz Henry says:

    As far as I know the only family member that reads my blog is my sister. I would like to keep it that way and have done my best be very vague about where I write. When they do find it, jokes on them.

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