Today (November 28th) is…

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…make your own head day.


When I first learned of this holiday, I was anticipating some type of snarky, sarcastic holiday that would involve something rated “R” or an event that would have some type of ritualistic, altruistic, deep leanings. As I did extensive research – OK I goggled the phrase and read what other sites shared – I found that “MYOHD” was actually a day in which one creates a likeness of her/his head in whatever manner one sees fit.

Sadly (sorta) my library is closed the day after Thanksgiving as this would be an awesome activity for a bunch of folks – babies on up*. However, The Bee and I are on our own this weekend so we have come up with a list of ways we could make our own heads. Without getting on my soapbox, I am advocating staying in on the 28th (which also happens to be Black Friday), and using one of these fun and relatively inexpensive ideas to have a good day off.

  1. Bake, bake, and bake. The bee has decided that she would like to create an edible likeness of her head.
  2. While we are talking about food: grab a potato and create your very own Mr. (or Mrs.) Potato Head.
  3. Paper Mache: Balloons, strips of old newspapers, paint and string.
  4. Clay
  5. Paper and pen, markers, or crayons and draw your head
  6. Photos
  7. Silouettes
  8. Add your own.

For the non artist in resident, take a moment to stop worrying about not being artsy and have fun! This is a bizarre holiday unlike any other; take this time to create and forget about what you can’t do and use this as a heads up to have a great day.

*Note to self, write this in the date book NOW to use during a dry spell….


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