The Merry ole Land of December 28th

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After stressing about the holidays, crying about the holidays, fighting with Effin’ Guy* about the holidays, it’s finally over.
No one complained that they didn’t get (fill in your own blank)**
The world didn’t end.
Time has not stood on its head.
I’m back to work and awaiting January when I’ll have another full work week.
Once again I have stressed myself silly for no reason (really? Imagine that!), The Bee is happily hanging with her cousins, I have found three patterns to make and as I reflect back on the day I realize that despite my anxieties my family will circle the wagons and will force a good time to be had by all.

The catastrophe that I envisioned was not to be. My moping, worrying and fears as well as the nagging stress headache that I caused myself went bye bye as the family got together and Just Danced. Seriously. As I sweated what couldn’t be (the go in debt type shopping that has gotten me to this very moment) my sister bullied her way to control the television, hooked up her, as my mom calls it, dancing machine (it’s generally known as a Wii) and had a houseful of Fagg women shaking what they’re momma’s gave them to ‘Crazy in Love’, ‘Hot Stuff’, and ‘Who Let the Dogs Out?’ (Who? Who? Who?).

My thoughts about what I didn’t do, who I didn’t do for and the like were let go as I concentrated on following the arrows, the lit up hand and the making sure Leaky didn’t knock me silly. We all sweated, laughed and cheered as each hip roll, arm fling and kick caused us to hoot and holler. My sister’s threats of You Tube were also enough to make me try not to be that girl.

Happy belated holidays Friends!
Remember, family and bad dancing can cause a host of troubles to go bye bye!

Nursing a sore hip,

*Effin Guy and I had our first disagreement. Gulp!
**Well my grandmother complained that we all spent too much. Ya know.


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