That New Year’s Eve I almost burned myself

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New Year’s Eve is supposed to be one of the biggest party nights of the year but let’s face it, this blogger is not a partier. The idea of watching the calendar change from one year to the next is something that is so appealing that I feel compelled to celebrate and ring in the new year in some special fashion.

At work I host a Countdown to Noon Party. Yes. I liberally borrowed the idea from The Please Touch Museum. So what? Someone liberally borrowed the idea from me this year but I won’t talk about that. Usually the family joins me at work for the celebration but due to sickness and other commitments my kids didn’t have the honor of ringing in the Noon Year with confetti, library made noise makers and screams.

My mom decided to host a party for the kids so the adults can go out. I didn’t have any plans so I decided to stay with my mom and help chaperone her party. When I got to Mom’s she was frying chicken (yes!). She wanted everyone to eat before the action begin. Mom had a New Year’s Eve Hunt. She hid money around her house and charged the kids with finding it. There was a race to look for hidden money that went surprisingly well despite the fact that Mom forgot where she had hidden some money and there were a few near misses with furniture.

After everyone found a fair share of money and the house once again resembled a house, the tournaments begin. Dill and N were playing Mario Kart on their DS and we held a Mario Kart Wii tournament. I won but my competition included a six year old and sixteen year old that doesn’t play often.

We then moved on to Just Dance. We love us some Just Dance in the house and we shaked what our mamma’s gave us to Ke$ha, Cee-Lo Green and more. I am going to have to incorporate this into my daily routine because I am quite sore this morning! We broke out junk food and board games next. My family is loving Ratuki and we played a few loud rounds of this game. Apples to Apples was suggested but a cup of hot chocolate called to me instead.

By this time it was almost midnight and we all gathered cups of sparkling cider, cream soda and noise makers (we went old fashioned with pots and pans) and got ready for the countdown. You know, a minute doesn’t seem like a long time but during a countdown it took forever for that ball to drop.

Happy New Year!

This is when I almost became a statistic. Mom had bought some fireworks to be lit and since she begged off I went outside to make the noise and light the fireworks. Yes. Cheap fireworks that don’t want to light are a pain! Half scared of fire ANYWAY I wasted match after match as I tried to light the wick without burning myself. After the first two dazzling displays of lights and colors I relaxed and tried to light one that was in a box and this is when I almost scorched myself.


Nevertheless the kids had a blast, no one got hurt and 2012 looks to be a good year.

I slept in and am going to finish a book and watch the rest of The Twilight Zone.

Sipping more cream soda,


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