#TBCCrafters: Tile Chalk Boards

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What do you get when you add old tiles, buttons and chalkboard paint?
Lovely signage that can be made to personalized as needed!

Welcome to another Thrilling Thursday with The Blogger Connection! Here is a simple and easy craft you can create in minutes and with little fuss.

Tiles (we have two sizes available)
Hot Glue Gun
Chalkboard Spray paint
Newspaper/cardboard to cover work area
chalk (to test your creation!)


Step 1
Wash your tiles.
It works better for the paint to stick with the tiles when the surface is as clean as possible.

Step 2
Spray the paint over the entire tile.
Make sure to follow the directions on the can.

Step 3.
After tiles have completely dried, spray another layer of paint

Step 4
Decorate as preferred.
The tiles seemed too plain and I wanted to add a little bling


Step 5
Enjoy your tiles.
My daughter and I are planning to use our tiles to create signage in our house. Perhaps inspirational quotes, messages to ourselves or even as menu planners.

Below is a video showing just how simple and quick it is to create a tile of your own!


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