Souper Sunday: You Light Up My Life

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In the last three weeks The Librarian, The Bee and I have been inviting people over for Sunday dinner, what I call “Souper Sunday.” I waited until fall to start the dinners because I wanted to be able to enjoy a hearty bowl of soup while we enjoyed our fire pit and our schedules were ridiculous over the summer. However, in true “best laid plans” fashion, it has been so stinking hot in Philly that we would have dinner without lighting the fire and droop until the mosquitoes attacking were too much.

This week the weather broke and it was a good night to light a fire and enjoy some soup!

The backyard is still very much so a work in progress. One day it will match the picture in my head but until then, The Librarian and I decided that we enjoy our space while tweaking and planning and getting things sorted out. Since people were coming over, we needed to make the space more special.

We do not have lights in the backyard and while the fire pit would provide some light, I still felt that we should have lights to usher people back and forth between the lights.

The Bee and I found some Christmas lights at a yard sale for $2. Ideally I would love to string up lights across the whole backyard but these lights did the trick and allowed a soft glow and created a nice arch way.


Souper Sunday: You Light Up My Life


I found these candle bags on clearance at Joann’s Fabric. We filled the bottom with some sand and used tea lights that were left in the house to light them. Surprisingly these little bags were really good to light up a path from the house to where we sat. Being a Fagg woman, I searched all over for more but alas there was only one package. I have been thinking of purchasing more bags and making more candle holders. (Crafternoon idea?)


Souper Sunday: You Light Up My Life


The result?

Souper Sunday: You Light Up My Life

A chill night in the backyard with hearty bowls of soups!

Pop joined us and she and The Bee roasted marshmallows. Even Lil got into the action, prowling the yard for other cats and then allowing some petting.


After working Sundays at the part-time gig for eight years, it;s a pleasure to be home Sunday afternoons. I love cooking, taking time to chop veggies, explore herbs and create scentsations. I really enjoy that people are coming together and our home is being used to entertain. I have had this idea of family time and am actually doing something to make it work.

On the menu, we have created meals which include.

  • Butternut Squash Soup
  • Loaded Baked Potato Soup
  • Chili

Professor Facebook has given me a bunch of suggestions for other soups that we could try. For my birthday I am going to make Chicken and Dumplings and an Eggplant Soup that one of my friends from the Library suggested.

What are your favorite soups? Let me know so that I can recreate them!



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  1. That sounds wonderful and cozy! Soup & firepit to close out the weekend. Hopefully you’ll be getting some cooler nights coming up. Happy Monday!

  2. Haralee says:

    How fun! Since I had dental issues a year ago my soup menus is extensive. Tom Ya is a Thai soup that is yummy with or without noodles with shrimp or chicken or both. A meatball tomato soup and a tomatillo chicken soup are also great!

    1. Rachee says:

      Yum! I am adding those to the list! Can’t wait to try them!

  3. Rena says:

    We’ve been waiting on the same thing here in SC. We bought a new fire pit and haven’t even used it yet. It’s finally cool enough.

    1. Rachee says:

      We sat outside and talked and listened to music for hours! It was the best way to end the weekend!

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