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I’ve been sleeping on CVS.

Yes, the drugstore CVS.

I mean I visit them for some of my beauty and toiletry needs but honestly the thought of grabbing their Gold Emblem brand of items has never crossed my mind. As I would consider where to grab a quick something between libraries, doing mom chauffeur duties and all things in between, I would opt for familiar products passing by the Gold Emblem options. At the CVS Mom Mixer, I was introduced to CVS’s  Gold Emblem product line and I am hooked. (At this time I must insert a note of apology to the reps I met at the mixer; it was I who nibbled more than my fair share of the tasty nuts that were to be sampled by all.)

My obsession over the mixed nuts has also been satisfied with my CVS trips. I like the mix of salty and crunchy and nuts have been my go to smack. There a several varieties of mixed nuts and I have been enjoying the variety which is peanut free, Deluxe Mixed Nuts. These have become a favorite snack because:

  • The nuts are fresh. From the moment I first open the can to the moment I finish them, the nuts have a crisp taste.
  • There is a good variety of nuts. Usually there are some nuts lacking but each handful is nice mix of different nuts.
  • They were not too oily. Mixed nuts usually leave me feeling like I need a wad of napkins to get rid of the excess oil (although to be fair the walnuts do have their fair share of oil.)
  • Peanut free! I love peanuts but sometimes mixed nuts can be overwhelmingly full of peanuts. Not with the Deluxe Mixed Nuts. The mix is blessedly peanut free and I am excited about that.




With shorter days, I tend to comfort eat and thought it would be best to stock my purse with something that could satisfy the sweet and savory cravings I sometimes get. The fruit and grain cereal bars are filling and hit the spot. The grain is not too dry. Sometimes cereal bars are more of a chore to enjoy but these bars are a nice balance of fresh and do not crumble when bitten into.The trail mix was a delicious mid morning snack as well. Both leave me satisfied but not feeling like I overate.  My only complaint: I am unable to find these bars at the stores where I shop or online but I am hopeful they will be available soon.


With cold and flu season arriving, I have been sipping more tea than ever and have run out of my normal brand. When I stopped to buy tea, I found that prices are about the same although I saved $.50 for a 100 count box of Gold Emblem black tea compared to a name brand item. When I made a cup of tea I found that

  • There is no bitter aftertaste. The tea is smooth and has a bold flavor.
  • The tea is strong. I have been making tea at work with a coffee maker and letting the bags steep for more than the recommended 3-5 minutes. The tea has a bold taste without being too intense.
  • When used in a single cup. the string on the bag is strong. This may seem like a little thing but I hate fishing out tea bag strings when I want to take a sip.
  • My kid, who is quite picky, enjoyed a cup. This speaks for itself.






I am enjoying this introduction to a new world of snacks. I feel like I am getting my money’s worth, having a taste satisfied and enjoying a new way to shop. With the holidays coming up I plan to do some entertaining and it’s nice to know that I have a brand that I will enjoy available to share with my family.

Visit CVS online and take a look at all of their Gold Emblem brand products. There seems to be something for everyone.

Excuse me while I freshen my cup of tea,


r’s note: I attended the Mom Mixer with Vaseline Holiday Showcase event and was given some samples free of charge. I have purchased additional items to share for this post. All thoughts and words are my own.


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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I didn’t realize that CVS had their own line of products. Those mixed nuts look really good and they are perfect for upcoming holiday events that I have planned!

  2. Maria Lopez-Castro says:

    I actually had an opportunity to try out Gold Emblem products from CVS a few months ago and my family and I loved them. They are priced really well and taste great. We have become big fans of their snacks.

  3. Terry says:

    My Hubs bought nuts there awhile back and they were really fresh, tasty and a good price too. We eat a lot of nuts so this is a good place to get them.

  4. Melanie says:

    I love mixed nuts, if I’m not careful I’ll sit there and eat a whole jar all by myself. I did not know CVS did their own line of products!

  5. this looks like the perfect snack and drink! I love mixed nuts and tea is my favorite drink!

  6. Ashley Gill says:

    I frequent CVS and have always overlooked the Gold Emblem brand as well. I think its time I give it a try. That cranberry mix looks fabulous! I think I'll start there!

  7. Annie Mai says:

    I am all for saving money while still keeping the taste/quality! I also love CVS!

  8. I use Gold Emblem products from CVS a lot actually. They are really good quality and so much less expensive.

  9. Amberlee Cave says:

    My whole family loves nuts! I will have to go pick some up for the holidays! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I love shopping at CVS!

  11. Karen says:

    Nuts are by far my favorite kind of snack!

  12. Sometimes those off label brands are just better then the expensive label brands. Good find

  13. Pam says:

    I use CVS for my prescriptions. I will have to look for these products. I was completely unaware that they had their own line. I bet they are more reasonable than most brands in pricing.

  14. CVS is my favorite store to shop, I am there so often the employees know me when I come it. Those snacks look amazing.

  15. I don’t have a CVS here. We had one when we lived in NY and I shopped there for prescriptions, diapers etc because it was close by. They do have great products and their Christmas sales were great too.

  16. I have purchased a lot of CVS products and really do like them. They have a baked cheddar cracker that is better than any name brand I’ve tried. I will be moving soon and won’t have a CVS and this saddens me.

  17. I have only used them for perscriptions but not much else. Imma have to look at CVS a little deeper.

  18. Don’t have a CVS colse by 🙁 but thanks for the review!!

  19. Amiyrah says:

    Welcome to the CVS club! I used to “pharmacy hop” but have settled down with CVS after falling in love with their store brand…everything! Great company.

  20. Lori says:

    Peanut free mixed nuts? I never knew such a thing existed. Off to CVS I go!

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