Quick Knits for Holiday Gifts

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Each year I always make these ambitious plans to knit all the things for the holidays. Inevitably I find myself running around like a crazy woman, shopping on Christmas Eve because nothing gets completed in time to gift. This year seemed to be heading towards more of the same until I rediscovered my love for bulky yarn and found some super quick to knit patterns.

Let’s talk bulky yarn a moment, shall we? For some reason I had got it into my head that bulky was bad. Well, not bad but that I had to spend oodles of money for my yarn. After a friend let me use some Think and Quick to make a hat (a hat I made in two hours!!) I was back to being hooked. My instagram feed introduced me to Jennifer at Brome Fields and she shares so many patterns using bulky yarn that I have fallen in love with the fiber again.

Speaking of Brome Fields, you may have read my review of pattern, Friendship Headband and spoiler alert…I love it and have made several more! These work up very quickly, are really warm and the cable makes it look so fancy! It’s a quick gift for my teen’s friends and they look great in a variety of colors.


Quick Knits for Holiday Gifts | Say it Rah-shay

Jennifer was having a sale so I bought a few more patterns which use Lion Brand’s Thick and Quick yarn and needles in size 11. I was able to work up the Grace women’s slouch in one evening!


Quick Knits for Holiday Gifts | Say it Rah-shay

Jennifer’s Playful Leg Warmers are another great pattern to work up in a few hours. These used a little over a skein of yarn and were promptly grabbed up by Thee Bee who wear them around the house because why not?


Quick Knits for Holiday Gifts | Say it Rah-shay


Since I have been obsessed with cables I worked up The Sunburst Hat by Odessa Reichel. I made mine using one skein of Lion Brand Thick and Quick in Cranberry and it worked up over one evening. I only had size 11 needles and not the size 13 the pattern calls for. This didn’t seem to be an issue; the hat fits and has the proper amount of slouch. I will admit that NOT having the double pointed needles needed for binding the hat caused a little wonkiness but this may be a Rachee thing; I was trying to rush to finish.
Quick Knits for Holiday Gifts | Say it Rah-shay


I’ve been sharing my knit things on Instagram and invite you to follow me there for other works.

Happy stitching!


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