Picture Books for Mother’s Day

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When The Bee was younger, there was nothing better than curling up on the couch with her and together we would read a pile of picture books that we gathered after we visited out local library. The librarian there, Ms. Elena, would always seem to have the best books on display for us to choose from and would help us find books on whatever topic that The Bee decided she needed to know about that week.

She always seemed up on whatever holiday was coming up, something I still struggle with as I only set up a Mother’s Day display THIS WEEK…fail!


Here are a few picture books to share for Mother’s Day with your young readers.


Mommy Doesn’t Know My Name by Suzanne Williams  and Andrew Schachet.
Poor Hannah! Mommy seems to call her EVERYTHING but her proper name! Has Mom forgotten that Hannah is not a little chickadee or a pumpkin?

Since The Bee is called by many a name instead of her given name, this book hit home. Luckily she has been able to forgive my liberal use of nicknames, even adopting them for herself.


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  1. michelle says:

    Thank you for these cute books! I’m going to have to check out Owl Babies! My daughter always makes up stories where babies are left alone, hahaha!

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