Run It!

Normally, I would blog about NOT running again today. The white flag would be frantically waving as I would give in to my master Ben & Jerry (or the equally seductive Breyers). Quite honestly I am thisclose to conceding defeat. I could just say, “eff it; I’m voluptuous, not fat.” But the stubborn part of me has taken hold of…

Last post of the night

ANTM recap:J Harvey or TVGasm!OMG!! TVGasm also has Charm School recaps!Sweet!You do realize that I am not going to bed soon?-r

Author oops!

I forgot about Nancy Keane!I met her Tuesday for a workshop.I am so juiced to try her booktalking methods!My teen writers (the group is up to 8 members!) are going to do a booktalk activity.More to come.Didn’t get a pic with her but check out her website.That’s FIVE published authors this week.This week rocks!-r

Author, Author part two

This has been an awesome week! I met another author today: Chris Bohjalian! He is a dynamic speaker and has made me want to put pen to paper and bang out a story. Read his book The Double Bind and you are in for a wonderful surprise! -r Disclaimer: I realize that this post sucks but I am tired, wanted…

Talkin square biz to ya baby!

Here are some of the squares I have been working on for the past few weeks. They will be assembled into a blanket for the Bee. These two are called “Dreamcatcher“. Not sure what the this third one is called but the pattern called for an “H” hook but did measure 12 inches. The next time I make one, I…