Off the Hooks: Baby Pants

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This weekend I was knocked out of my crochet comfort zone when I was selected to test a pattern for Sissy Johnson Lavacca’s Warm Fuzzy Boutique. Sissy and I belong to this awesome crochet group on Facebook and she invited me to join her group of testers. Once I read the guidelines and accepted the challenge, Sissy e-mailed me the pattern and gave me three days to complete and instead of starting right away I froze.


I am mostly an accessory hooker; hats and scarves with an occasional (bad) amigurami thrown in. When I was selected to test those boot topper pattern from The Steady Hand I didn’t feel quite so anxious. The pattern was easy to work up and I was able to knock them out quickly. However something for a baby…eeps! My only attempts at clothes was a poncho and sweater for The Bee which I made earlier in my hooking career. Both were too small for her and I would shy away fro, any kind of clothes. Also? Baby clothes always seemed to be too fussy! The yarn requirements always called for something soft and fluffy and, well, fussy.


When I finally got the nerve to try the pattern I was surprised at how easily it came! Sissy’s pattern was clearly written and easy to follow. Also, she runs a good group.  When I had a question about the pattern I posted to the group and almost immediately got a response. When the other members posted, they too got support and advice and it made the whole process so much more bearable.

Please enjoy pictures of the creation (modeled by Vivian!). Like what you see? Show Sissy some love! Follow her page, Warm Fuzzy Boutique, on Facebook or take a peek at her Etsy shop.


I think I’ve got my cro-jo back!

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  1. I used to love to crochet! These are so cute! Way to go girl. 🙂

    1. Rachee says:

      You should pick it up again! Very, very therapeutic!

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