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This week the Stasha’s Monday Listicles prompt is suggested by Kelly who blogs at Just a Click Away. Kelly wants to know what we are crushing on.



There is nothing like that giddy, gooey feeling of a crush. The warm and fuzzy feeling that makes everything all kittens and rainbows. The thing that makes you giggle and giggle and grin like a fool and just sigh.


Before I go on: Effin Guy stop reading. I don’t want your feelings all hurt as I wax goofily about a crush.


Ten Things I’m crushing on:


1. Author Jonathan Maberry


He is the author of Rot and Ruin zombie series and I met him at a library conference last year. I sat next to him at lunch and we chatted about kids. Then at the author panel he was explaining how he developed characters and I was all floaty hearts and tweeting birds.


2. Derrick Pitts, Chief Astronomer at the Franklin Institute

Listening to WHYY I get to hear him wax about the stars and such and his voice is just so smooth. In person he is a delight, explaining astronomy, STEM and some other things. There were like flaoty hearts and stars when I was talking to him.


Derrick Pitts

Derrick Pitts
Also, my hair is awesome!


3. Simon Pegg

He’s just swell.

Honestly, I cannot tell you why I have the hots for Simon…I just do. Maybe ’cause he reminds a bit of Effin Guy. Dunno. Whatever the case he makes me smile.


Hotness, right?!


4. Third Rock aka Joseph Gordon Levitt

This one makes me feel a little Pam Smart. Cause like, he’s a kid but c’est la vie!

Did you see 500 Days of Summer where that heifer Zoey Deschanel broke his heart? That was the turning point. Or it could have been those itty bitty biking pants from Premium Rush.


5. Chiwetel Ejiofor

The accent. The scruffy hair. He’s a bad ass and just swoon worthy.

*fans self*

6. Superman aka Henry Cavill




I never cared for Superman but have mercy am I a convert!  I’ll even give up my Val Kilmer as Batman gawking for some more of this Man of Steel. He was cute with a beard, without one, without a shirt.

*fans self again*


7. Tom Hardy

He was a little cray in Warrior and there was only a few moments of his face in The Dark Knight Returns but he’s all face in This Means War and he’s all right.

I forgot him and Third Rock were in Inception! I think I shall re-watch that tonight.


8. Ben Whishaw aka Q

He’s another one that makes me feel Pam Smartish but whatevs.

It’s the floppy hair I think. Whatever, he was such a cutie with his hipster clothes and geeky ways.

I would insert some cheesy line about gadgets but I’ll leave it to you all dear readers.


9. Our newer UPS guy.

Our old one is a’ight; he’s nice and all but his replacement when he goes on vacation is that stuff. I get all Claudette from Legally Blonde when he comes in, volunteering to sign for the package, finding reasons to be in the office.  My sister, the helpful lass that she is, told him that we had…nice things to say about him so he blushes whenever he delvers a package.


10. And last, but certainly not least
Effin Guy!
(I know you’re reading this so stop balling your fist)



He rocks, was complicit in my pillage of peanuts from Five Guys and truly makes my heart flutter, get all gooey eyed and giggly.

He’s just the best.

That was fun!

Who are you crushing on?

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  1. HA. I love this. So mine are George Clooney, Matthew McConahey, Michael Jordan, Erik Northman (character name) and HA. Love it. The peanuts at 5 Guys was the bomb.

  2. Carrie says:

    Henry Cavill….whatta Superman!

  3. Ah yes, the “bend and snap”. A great technique for you to catch UPS Guy’s attention.
    Love the list!

  4. Stasha says:

    I miss my ups guy from UK. He told me one day, not long after I gave birth that I always smell so pretty. He was swell.

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