Monday Listicle: Guess Who’s Coming to DInner?

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This week the Monday Listicle, (Which is hosted by Stasha aka The NorthWest Mommy who writes the blog The Good Life) was suggested by Bridget from Twinisms. This week we’re channeling Mitch Albom* and listing who we would like to have for a dinner party.

Here goes:

1) Maurice Sendak.

After seeing that interview on Stephen Colbert’s show I have loved Mr. Sendak. He would probably complain about dinner but it seems like he would add the right amount of crustiness without being too much of a pain in the ass.

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2) The Bloggess

Her government name is Jenny Lawson and she is hilarious. I loved meeting her at Book Expo and she was all kinds of fun. Dinner would be good because she would totally be sharing things that borderlines inappropriate but would totally be the things I wanted to say, but am too wussy to say.

3) Simon Pegg

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Y’all know about my Simon Pegg crush. He gets invited on GP. His accent would class up dinner and well, why not! Also, this dinner would be the perfect opportunity to see how he would interact with my newest crush and they could, like, have a wing bowlesque type of showdown to determine who will be the object of my stalkery type lechery.

4) Joseph Gordon-Levitt, aka Third Rock

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Oh Dear Barbara! Do I have a crush on JGL. Effin Guy calls him Third Rock and hates him for something he said about a G. I. Joe movie.
If you haven’t seen his newest trailer for Premium Rush, look below. How adorbs is he? I mean, yes, he was the little boy from Angels in the Outfield and I have a creepy Woody Allen feeling about expressing my crush but dang! He is a cutey.

Anyway, he’d be invited so I could sit next to him and, well yeah there would be lots of whispers, some giggles, and some stuff that may be redacted.

5) Next up would be my sister, mrsrkfj. Cause I would need to have her there to keep me grounded. And to pretend she were me while I was off snogging.

6) I would totally invite Oprah.
No I wouldn’t. Nothing against Oprah but she always seems to be on these lists and I felt compelled.

6a) I would really invite Gayle. I’ve seen the CBS morning show and Gayle looks like she gets it in. Sometimes as she chats with Ukee Washington, the local anchor from my news station, she seems half in the bag at 6:45 AM!

7) Issa Rae

I met her over the weekend while at a blogging conference and was a total geeky, awkward fan girl. I think I may have scared her as she had this look like “Help! Rescue me from this crazy chick!” I want her to see that I am NOT a crazy woman.

8) My friend Dresden.

Dresden writes the blog Creating Motherhood and is such a sweet Southern lady and she would totally not hog the conversation, keep the flow and run interference while I was flirting with Third Rock or Simon.

9) Lenny Briscoe

Not Jerry Orbach but his Lenny Briscoe character. I feel some type of way about the Po-leece but I loves me some Lenny. He would have snappy one liners, would regale us of stories about suspects and he would keep people occupied while I was stealing smooches.

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10) Black Dynamite

He’s the man.
Michael Jai White is the man but I don’t really need to see him. His character, however, is a riot. Arrogant to the point of foolish at times. Yup. He could tell the man a thing or two and keep the ladies occupied so the ladies can keep their grubby eyes off of mah boos.

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Who would YOU invite?
Share your guest list in the comments!


*We’re not channeling Mitch. I typed that line, Googled his books, saw that it was the five people you meet in HEAVEN but was feeling really hilarious and decided to keep it that line.
Suck it.


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