Helpless for Hamilton: Falling Down a #Hamilhole

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My friend invited me to join a group on Facebook for people who enjoy are obsessed with Hamilton the Musical and there was a discussion about people falling down “the Hamilhole.” The Hamilhole is like a rabbit hole only Hamilton related. At first I was like, “Suckas! Who would get caught up like THAT?!” but as I searched for a picture of the hat Okieriete Onaodowan wears when he’s Hercules Mulligan, I realized that a fool and her time will soon be parted. I am that fool and here is what I found.

The place you go when you are searching for Hamilton the Musical related things and get caught up in all the things.

I started on The Facebook and found this link from Crafty is Cool. Allison made an amigurami of Daveed Diggs as Thomas Jefferson. After Ravelry had nothing for me (bah!) I went to YouTube to see if I could watch/listen to some Hamilton for inspiration and that’s when I fell deeper down the Hamilhole.


There is the video of the Hamilton crew performing at the Tony Awards:

Then there is the same performance side by side with the cast using muskets:

Which led me to an ASL performance of Guns & Ships:

Which led to an ASL performance of The World Was Wide Enough:


I was able to focus a bit until I found this Ham for Ham video:

I found this clip video:

which has Oke waering the hat (at about 27 seconds in)

I headed BACK to Ravelry because the Hamilhole has nothing on the Fiberhole and found Robyn Devine’s Simple Slouch and got to work.

Check me out on Instagram for progress on the hat.

Braah! Braah!



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