Help, Hanging and Him

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Holidays when The Bee is with her dad, have been spent as a chance to catch up on things around the house or honestly, as days off from EVERYTHING. I am so happy for an obligation free day that I usually spend the day working on the massive pile of books OR (most likely) just watching lots of bad TV.

A few days ago was Easter and since I am not into Easter bonnets or bunnies I spent a quiet morning fighting with my hair and sipping coffee. Effin’ Guy was going to his people’s for Easter brunch and I begged off (partly for a reason that is really too heathen for me to type out) and partly because I had invited him over after his people’s thing and felt like a few more hours would allow me to make my house presentable.

The house STILL wasn’t presentable but that was OK; Effin Guy came over, grabbed a broom, and just got to work. I was so anxious. In my head I could hear all of the negative things I was thinking to myself: This house should be clean, I should have been doing the stuff that needed to be done, I should have had it done and some other hateful things that were not helpful or warranted. In between a sneezing fit and showing off his lifting skills he gave me a hug and told me he was there to help.

Help. Such a four letter word. I hate asking for help thinking that I will be judged but help is what I need at times and it worked out well. My basement is cleaner, the things I needed some were done and the world didn’t end. Afterwards we hung around and watched a baseball game. Which was fun. I had forgotten how much fun a night in was, Effin’ Guy watched his games, I started a book and despite my anxiety over how domestic the situation was, it was a wonderful evening.

We have more plans to hang this week. The Bee will be with so me thinks a visit to Leandro’s and the sipping of Sprite and grape soda will be involved.


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