Happy Compliment Day!

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Hello blogging friends!
I’ve just found out that today is Compliment Day. Normally when I’m given a compliment I ‘oh shucks’ it away until the giver seems as frustrated as I am embarrassed. Today I am going to turn the tables, take the compliments (hint, hint!) and spread the love.

This list, by no means, is in order of importance. I am typing this list on the fly.

First I want to say how awesome my readers are! I have met some really wonderful bloggers and readers and thank you all for reading, responding and encouraging me. I love your thoughts, words and the way you all think.

Next I have to acknowledge my wonderful, marvelous, flexible parent’s group. Our meeting today detoured from plans but did that stop them? Heck no! Before I could bat an eye they were making up games, reading books and just had a blast. This group of parents almost makes ME want another kid! The consensus is that while motherhood (today it was all women!) is a challenge, there are some positives and focus more on that. They make me want to be a better library chick and mom.

My Liliana! Although she attacked me while I did bicep curls this morning she also makes me realize that I should slow down and relax in the morning and not make a mad dash out the door ten minutes after I was supposed to leave. And yes, I did just compliment my cat.

Effin Guy. Cause I heart him and he makes me grin. Plus he’s a sweetie, knows that The Bee comes first and listens to me. Plus he’s letting us sell cookies in his store this weekend and I can make moony eyes at him over a box of Samoas, er Caramel Delites. Golly I sound like a user but he just makes me feel happy.

My Mom. Cause it’s Hella, Hellish and just f*ckin’ cold out and she STILL went to a doctor’s appointment. My mom stays colder than ME and if she got the balls to go out in this weather then I will be at the track later. (Later in the week. Inside but you know what I mean.)

My bestie Norma. Cause she just had surgery and went to the gym. When I told her I ate ice cream she didn’t judge just said that I should consider joining her and left it at that.

Buffy gets the vote for not saying I told you so although come to think of it, she did say that recently but I digress. We are much closer than THAT TIME LAST YEAR so we can be frank but sometimes know it alls (myself included) suck. She makes the suck less so.

Who do you want to compliment today? Let me know?
Knowing you all are indeed the best,


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  1. Great Post. I hope you have a wonderful night! I live in PA too..hope your ready for another snow day.

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