Friday Favorites: Videos Will Make You Smile

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When I was kid I performed with my school’s band and orchestra. As we rehearsed and rehearsed for each performance I can remember a sense of excitement that would build up until THE DAY. That last rehearsal.   Running around to make sure instruments were ready to go. Dressed in my finest black and white. Nervously chattering with my fellow players. The moment the curtain rises. I would play my heart out. lost in the music. But after the performance I can remember feeling an overwhelming sadness. Is this it? Was that all?

This is my last week of programming until SUMMER READING begins. Instead of the usual feeling of relief I am feeling a little bit of a let down. Have I done all that I could/should/would be doing? Are people happy with the programs? Was I as creative as I could be?

This is not a pleas for “You go girls!” but more of me seeing that I am heading towards the intersection of Despair and Despondent and I am feeling that I need to go another route. Fooling around on various social media channels I found some videos and sites that are making today not quite so blah.

I follow Ksenia Anske on Twitter and she just finished her new book. She shared her version of a happy dance.

I’ve started working (that may be a stretch but let’s go for it!) with a PR agent and she shared these adorable Animal Planet live webcams.

I am particular to the Kitten Kam:

I love Vine, a newish app that takes six second videos.
I love this one by Eric Dunn.
He’s really funny.

This video is really just audio but Effin Guy shared it with me since I have such a fondness for Law and Order. John Mulaney is hilarious.
“I’m watching you McCoy”

In honor of Star Trek coming out today, Riker sits on a chair. Like the cool kids:

And last, but not least, the Honest Trailer for Les Mis.
Tee Hee.
Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

Hit me with your best shot. What’s making you smile this week?


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