Flexy February

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Let’s run into February with a new mindset and new goals. 

Yesterday I wrote a whole thing about taking it easy and allowing some gentleness and grace in the months of suck (aka January), so it may seem as if I am contradicting myself with February goals but hear me out. I appreciate goals and the work that needs to be done to reach those goals but I also recognize that allowing myself some grace and flexibility when my carefully laid plans go awry feels good. During my last renal appointment the team encouraged me to keep up wuth y workouts and I’ve got to say that I have not. Some doom and gloom have crept in plus January is cold and dank and dark and begs for me to curl up in bed so I leaned into those feelings. It’s time to get back into the swing of things and here are my goals for the month.  

February goals

  • Train for Spring races. I seemed to have booked EVERY WEEKEND IN APRIL with races (I am either insane or gonna be insanely fit!). I want to start doing my group runs or, when the weather is being disrespectful, solo runs at home using Sole.
    To sweeten the treadmill runs I’m using all of the movies from my Netflix queue as motivation for my runs.

  • Flexy February is back! This means that in addition to allowing myself some flexibility with my rigid goals (rim shot) I am also going to resume practicing yoga. The Librarian and I were really hitting it during the month of January but then he got sick, I had to work late a few days, he pulled something in his back, and we were off track. We’re going to ease back into the routine this month with some gentle moves and stretches. 

  • Become an Iron Maiden. (I am positive that I am not using this phrase correctly.) Anywho, I got a trial for the Peleton app and there are quite a few workouts that remind me of my days from working with a trainer. I The renal team has been suggesting that I incorporate weights in my workout so on my days off from running, it’s weights for me. 

  • Get better sleep. I’ve been making an effort to get to bed on time, but I find myself waking on the middle of the night to read Am I the Asshole on Reddit. Don’t judge me. It comforts me seeing that my life is not the messiest one out there. This habit causes me to endlessly scroll and I find myself refreshing the screen and hours have passed. I want to break this habit of immediately grabbing my phone the moment my eyes open. 

Races on the horizon

3/26 Love Run I haven’t actually signed up for this one BUT that shirt and medal is speaking to me. 

4/1 Hot Chocolate (10K) 

4/2 Credit Union Cherry Blossom (10m) 

4/16 Donor Dash (10K) Insert shameless plus for my search for a living donor. 

4/26 Delaware Running Festival (13.1 miles) 

4/30 Broad Street Run (10 m) Another shameless plug to donate to my American Cancer Fund Fundraiser

5/20 RBC Brooklyn Half (13.1)

Spring races…here I come!

Tell me…do you have goals or February?

Let me know below!



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