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Rachée Rundown week ending 10/16

A weekly fitness update from Rachée.

An Update

Rachee returns to blogging!

Rachee Rundown 7/17

Where ya running? As I type, there are about 17 weeks until the Philadelphia Marathon Weekend. The heat and humidity have made me contemplate bumping my FULL marathon down to a half (but then I remember that I have managed to work the fact that I am running a marathon into every conversation and my vanity is such that I…

July Run Goals

…these miles aren’t gonna run themselves! July sees the beginning of marathon training for real. This also means no more skipping runs “because I don’t feel like it.” Sure, I *could* do what I want but (I’m a capable adult person), but I know that if I want to finish my race without injury and under the sevenish hours that…

Big News: Rachee is Running a Marathon

Do you know what today is? It’s my Runniversary with Black Girls Run! Three years ago I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and joined a BGR group for a walk.  That first walk was so hard and I was feeling slow and logy but I kept it up and years later I have another thing to…

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