Ar-boo (or Arzilla)

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I yove you!

The Bee has such a love/hate relationship with her cousin. Arboo (or Arzilla depending on how tired Iam or how much trouble she is) follows The Bee around, imitates her, and tries to do everything her older cousin does.

Last week, after picking up Arboo from preschool, the following took place.

Me: What are we going to have for dinner?

Arboo: Macaroni and Cheese!

Me: We can’t. The Bee is allergic to the cheese.

Arboo: What does ayergic mean (Did I mention she can’t pronounce the “elle” sound?)

Me: The Bee gets sick if she eats cheese and will throw up and break out.

Arboo: (after a few moments of silence) I wish I was ayergic to boccoyo (Broccoli)


Arboo: Cause I don’t yike it. I wish I were ayergic to besgables (vegetables).

Me (trying not to laugh): I thought you liked vegetables? What about carrots?

Arboo: I don’t yike cooked carrots. I wish I was ayeric to them. But not to snack carrots.

Me (After naming various other vegetables): If you didn’t eat vegetables you would get sick and the vegetables keep you healthy.

Arboo: I don’t yike them. I won’t get sick; I could eat a bitamin.




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