A Look Back at 2012

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In which I recap my year.

Hello Blog Friends!


It’s the end of the year and although I seemed to have shown disdain for the pomp and circumstance of the season (this year I had no turkey or tree) the idea of a 2012 recap was not to be missed. The stress of the holidays was something that I should have not let get to me but a few days away from work, loads of clutter cleared from my house and an overwhelming feeling of procrastination compelled me to get ‘er done.

So here are some things I wrote last year:

That time I went pole dancing. Yuppers
A gratuitous post about my Lil (also known as why we can’t have anything nice)
I finished a cowl for my mom

I posted about fitness.
I wax whiningly about my Dr. Seuss disdain

The Bee turned 12 (where is her mother ’cause I cannot possibly have been a mom for 12 years!)
I shared some things I don’t blog about but maybe probably should.
Remember Trayvon?

Poetry month. Twaddletalk Tuck. You’re welcome.
I participated in an alphabet blogging challenge. I didn’t finish but did get up to M for when Lil went missing.

I started linking up with Monday Listicles and shared a list about my junky house.
We get ready for Summer Reading at the Library

Another listicle. Things that Make you go “Hmmm”
My attempts at fiction inspired by Gone Girl.

Summer Reading was kicking my butt but didn’t take names.

I found a new favorite picture book!
Veggies are not so bad.

Star Trek is 46. Picard is 72 but oh Dear Barbara is he HAWT! *fans self*
Another post about my junky house.

My tween is her own person.
I got mad hooking skills, yo!
I attended the PowerUp Weekend and knew I had the potential to be the woman.

I went to a mom mixer and share some of my thoughts.
I can sing!

I have my say!
Here is a little something I do at work.

And those are some of my favorites from 2012.
Tell me…what blogs do you read and what are your favorites?
Let me know in the comments!
Or you can link up on Jo-Lynne’s Musing of a Housewife blog recap carnival!

2012 Recap Carnival with Musings of a Housewife

Happy New Year!


I am mom, daughter, sister, yarn lover, word lover, crazy cat lady and library chick. Find me with book or with hook and a hot cuppa.

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