30 Day Song Challenge: Day 5

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Day 05 – a song that reminds you of someone

When The Bee was a baby I was truly, truly, truly at a loss as to what to do with her! After reading all of the books that seem prevalent to all new moms one tip suggested that I communicate with her. However being  a tired, worried, and new mom, there were times that I was struck dumb. After singing all of the songs that I knew, I started making up songs with her name.

The theme song to Spider-man was one that I used substituting her name (for this blog she shall remain ‘The Bee’). Now even as I sit through the Toby Maguire movies, chat about Spiderman or read a graphic novel I think about The Bee and the song I made up when she was still a wee lass.

Did/Do you have a special song for your special someone?


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