Zack Snyder owes me 109 minutes

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Or Sucker Punch sucked.
Also known as Effin’ Guy is not picking the movie next time.

Let me start by saying the soundtrack for Sucker Punch was hot. I have a new found love and appreciation for Annie Lennox’s Sweet Dreams and there were a few other kick ass songs that I was trying to Shazam for future reference. But that is where the love ends. No, there were some trailers that I sat up for…Ludacris and The Rock in a Fast and the Furious 5*! Johnny Depp is back as Captain Jack Sparrow!
Anywho, a friend shared the trailer of Sucker Punch a few months ago and I took away from it Girl Interrupted meets Kick Ass. My first impression was that a falsely accused girl was going to have to figure a way to escape from a corrupt prison/mental institution setting. I really didn’t go in with high expectations but the movie was Bah!

No plot, ladies who looked as if they stepped of of a Bob Fosse movie set and guns.
Not for me.
I think I will wait until Captain Jack is plastered across my screen.
Glad I didn’t get popcorn,

*Five? Really Hollywood? No new ideas? Sheesh!


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